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4 STYLES OF STRONG LEADERSHIP (Situational Leadership)

This article is a simplified narration of the Situational Leadership model. While writing, I have looked back and tried to analyze my styles at various phases of my career. I have tried to narrate the topic in light of those experiences. Some links are also provided for those who want to go into a little more depth.



3 Ego States of Transactional Analysis & Positive People Interaction

'Transactional Analysis' is a subject for psychologists. It helps them to understand the mind of their patients. In professional life, the managers and team leaders also must understand this subject well. It will help them to get superior output from their team members, as well as from business state holders. Every individual is different and unique, but at the same time, we are always in need to create a bridge of understanding with others in order to fulfil our various professional and personal interests. The more we can get control over our emotion and gauge the emotional status of others, the more we will get the desired result out of our ‘transactions’.

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