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Our Wind Energy Growth Is Suffering Even In 2021

This article is solely on the present status of the Indian wind energy sector. Despite the high potential, this sector is not growing as expected and as projected by the Government and experts for some known reasons. As a wind energy enthusiast, I don’t feel comfortable with this slow growth situation and sincerely hope for a turnaround very rapidly.

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Renewables Or Nuclear? 9 Crucial Points to Choose the Right Path

The worldwide drive of decarbonisation to tackle climate change has created a debate on which system to adopt for a faster result at the best return on investment. One group is advocating nuclear energy and the other group is in favour of renewables. This article tries to focus on the pros & cons of both systems to help to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

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10 Energy Heroes Who Brought Electricity in Our Life

Electricity is the lifeline of our civilization today. The entire information and transaction network of our society is alive and active by virtue of electric energy (electricity). It took long 100 years and an uncounted number of scientists to find it, capture it and finally pass it to our drawing-room to illuminate the darkness. In this article, we will recall ten prominent scientists and their contribution to the field of electricity.

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