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Make in India: COULD DO A MAGIC FOR WIND IN 2021

After four years of continuous decline, Indian wind energy is trying for a turnaround in 2021. As of now all major components required for making wind turbine are getting sourced from overseas. China being the manufacturing hub of the world, is holding a major share of these supplies. In covid- 19 era many EU/US manufacturer are opting to shift their setups from China to other Asian countries.
Government’s Make in India initiative, if successful, can be proved to be a revolution in this sector. As well as a sustainable and profitable proposition for both – the country and the foreign investors.

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Started from 2017, this year also wind energy in India couldn’t see any remarkable progress, though was highly expected. Some issues are yet to be discussed and resolved at Government level. However, Industry leaders are looking committed and working to attain a laudable installation in 2021 & onwards.

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The Promising Sea 20-30

In Sanskrit language the other name of Sea is ‘Ratnakar’.It means the store of natural resources. For centuries, we are extracting these resources to fulfil various needs. Now ‘Ratnakar’ is opening up another resource front ‘wind’ ,for humankind.What India is doing about it?

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Thousands of Fans Can Cool India (1998-2030)

In the quest of development, we are exploiting the mother nature recklessly and injecting poison in the natural environment. Now this has exceeded the limit, earth’s surface is getting warmer, the ecological system of earth started dying. This will kill us all very soon unless we take immediate action to rejuvenate it. Wind energy can help us to a great extent. Fans of wind turbines can make the earth cooler.

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Flowing WITH Indian Wind (1998 to 2017)

Wind Energy in India is moving ahead in a roller-costar motion of ups and downs. First phase of growth was witnessed during 1960 to 1996. Then there was a slagging down before it kicked start again in end 1998.Second phase of growth was very powerful and placed the country in the world wind energy atlas as one of the top players.But again there was a slump for years…Will third phase of growth will start soon?

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