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3 Plus 1 Adopted New Model of Tripod of Work for People Management

In our professional world, the key to success is to achieve the perfect balance between various activities. The Tripod of Work Management is a model that guide us towards this balance and tells how to get maximum output from our team while keeping the organisation on the path of development. Therefore, in my view Tripod of Work can also be used effectively in the function of human resource development and I have adopted it.

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Surprised why he is getting promoted (managerial skill) 2020

Many times in your professional life you try to figure out, why a colleague or someone else is getting promoted faster than you.
You think you are good enough and not inferior than anybody in the group by any measurement.Still you aren’t being considered for a particular challenging assignment or for promotion. You get demoralised and start losing your interest.
Better to understand the dynamics and reinforce your skill and knowledge for the next opportunity.

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