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2 wrong colleagues, illusion of truth & my dumb brain

Sly colleagues are always present in the work place. They have no professional ethics, can twist the facts as per their suitability and can tell lies without blinking their eye lids. To overcome them and also to maintain a good impression to the boss, an agile brain to asses and respond to a situation is an absolute necessity.

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No Silver Spoon inside the box (career journey for AN ordinary talent) 2020 Score 0%

No Silver Spoon inside the box (career journey for AN ordinary talent) 2020

“For all those ordinaries struggling to step out”
They say, nothing comes easy in life. Nothing ever came easy to me.
My career journey of 40 years was spanned from a Trainee Engineer to CEO wasn’t a planned or predictable endeavor. There was no possibility of doing any career planning in my case. Only principle I followed was to keep the fire in my belly alive and updating myself everyday as a product.

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Fortune on the other side of the boundary (comfort zone)

Our life is a bundle of growth opportunity. Within a limited time of life span, how much we can take out of this bundle is up to us. We have two options in hand, either we can set the mode in ‘free float’ and leave our luck in the hands of flow of time or, we can put an engine to dream,aim,plan our goals and continuously endeavour to achieve that. It is the journey of a happy and meaningful life

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A child with a courage

In my last post, I have covered up to my primary school and was talking about the impact of family practices in to the professional life. Now I am feeling little clueless about what to write next. My 62 years life is full of...

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Recalling Childhood

My schooling started little early and since at that time no document was required to submit as proof of date of birth, somebody recorded my d.o.b. 9 months earlier than I actually born. At a later stage before the school leaving...

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Looking at the Horizons

I am now 62 and describing my life learning with an aim to provide hope to many ordinary, unguided young lives who has a faint wish in mind to do better but get puzzled or confused in that endeavor. This is not for matured...

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In Search of Success

To build up anything a platform is needed, to build up a house; one has to do the plinth work first. Similarly, to go places as a professional, one has to go through a mental tuning process. I named it life mantra. Let me...

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