To build up anything a platform is needed, to build up a house; one has to do the plinth work first. Similarly, to go places as a professional, one has to go through a mental tuning process. I named it life mantra. Let me explain it step by step. 


In the first level, I call it Invisible, that we can’t see but we can definitely feel its existence within us. Now what is that? That is our “Thought”. We keep on thinking twenty four hour in a day, three sixty five days in a year. Our thought keeps on rolling inside us, even when we sleep; our thought keeps on working at the back yard and then occasionally surfaces out in form of dreams.

Therefore, to be a successful professional in life, first we have to make our thought process very organized and strong. Ultimately our thought is the driver in the back seat; it drives us throughout the span of our life, and never stops. So we have to develop the skill to reshape and remould our thoughts and channelize it to get a desired outcome. 


What is that desired outcome? It is our “Feeling”. The way we think, we feel that way. If we develop a practice think in a structured manner, point wise and logically, our feeling flow will be positive and regulated. Then, it will not be driven only by our emotions. Majority of the problems in the working life occurs because of our feelings as people are driven naturally by their emotions. We all can experience it in our daily life that almost all people are driven by emotions and not by a guided “feeling”. Consequentially, it blacks out our thought process, blacks out our logical system. I am sure; we all have that kind of very personal experience at some point of time when we did wrong doings, because our emotions blacked out our logical thinking process and we failed to see the reality. It happens with everybody, who is aware about it or who is not. Both are the same boat brother. 


In the next level, I call it Visible. When we control our feeling and when we are able to structure and guide it , that transforms in to our “Attitude”.

To be successful in the work life, I understand, our attitude should be aggressive. I mean aggressive good. Attitude could be ‘aggressive bad’ also. When attitude is aggressive bad we are bad, we are arrogant, we are regressive, we are …., but when it is aggressive good, we are progressive, we are team player, we lead, we live and let live others and we go into places. 


After this stage, when we grow our attitude, the next stage is ‘Action’. Imagine a situation, when I have knowledge, I have good and positive feelings and have positive attitude, but I am not converting it in to any action. I keep on sitting, thinking and dreaming. What will happen? Nothing, absolutely nothing of course! For many of us, dreaming is a very passionate thing, but to make the dream in to a reality, there should be an continuous back up of action.

If we take the example of “Stonehenge”, a massive stone monument located on a chalky plain  of Salisbury, England about 40 km from London. It was built between roughly 4,000 and 5,000 years ago. At that time when there were no machinery available, technology were primitive, people thought of constructing a heavy structure like this. I believe this could not have been possible at all without a madding dream, backed up by relentless action. This had first come in their thought, then feeling, converted in to action and then in to reality?


Once action (good or bad) repeats and repeats for several times, it becomes a “Habit”. Habit is nothing but a repetitive and persistent action on something. 

To be successful, it is imperative to develop maximum good habits. Again, it starts from the thoughts. Think good, feel good, act good and convert it into an attitude. 


Final level is again goes back in to Invisible state, at least during its growth phase.

After doing all these, what is the fruit? Instant success in everything? No. Then what? The fruit is our “Destiny” , our rise as a professional man in all our activities and as an well acceptable human being in the society.

(Reproduction of publication on October 17, 2015,in LinkedIn in order to get all my write ups in one platform)