This is the story of growing up of ordinary life from grassroots level with lot of deficiencies in the personality and trying to move froward with continuous learning and correction. Many a times ‘not in time’ hence, suffering losses, failures. But the effort keeps on all the time. Success comes sometimes with a relentless hammering for years together and sometimes with a magic touch of luck.   

Budding a Wish:

Growing from the bottom to a respectable level is a difficult task for the people who are most ordinary and from a sub ordinary back ground. When a person with ordinary calibre and at the bottom echelon of the society desires to achieve something big, he can only sincerely wish it to happen sometime in his life. Because the life at that level revolves only to meet day in day out needs and leaves almost no room for thinking out of the box. Shortage in input to find a way to grow is another issue.

There exist multiple orbits in the society depending upon the economic status of individuals and the needs at different orbits are also varying.Maslow’s hierarchy theory depicts it. 

Fundamentals of Ordinary Life

A helpless boy at the bottom can typically only think and work to fulfil his and families physiological needs. Looking beyond that is not an easy job for him. Still, there are many ordinary boys at the bottom who nurture a strong desire to break the boundary and enter into the next orbit for a better life.

Main problem they face is lack of visibility. They are ordinary, so they don’t carry a ‘turbo charger’ within them. They work but don’t work that hard. They aren’t that smart. They wish for something to happen in their favour. Their parents can’t guide them either, as they themselves have no exposer to that better world. This boys go to school, but their schools also probably have no capability of guiding them for a bigger life goal.Only prepare them with the ways and means, to fulfil the basic need for food, shelter and health in life.Friend circle belongs to the same echelon and are also in the same struggle.Mostly unable to dream big. 

But these ordinary boys carry an unknown push from within, to go and break the boundary, to move somewhere beyond it.Therefore, the journey begins with a wish and with a faint aim in mind based on whatever inputs they could gather from the surroundings.

Wise people says that a thousand mile journey begins with a single step and these ordinaries keeps on trying to put that first single step and one day success knocks the door all on a sudden.It happens, it happened to me.