I am 62, a retired Sr. Management personnel from leading Wind Energy Companies in India. I am one of the pioneers in the growth of the wind energy industry in this country. I had taken key roles in the making of world’s 5thlargest wind company during 2005 and in the making of India’s 3rd largest wind company during 2016 and spent about 20 years in this field, out of my total carrier of 40 odd years.

My journey of life started from the grass-root level of society. Though my grandfather was an educationist and had the fame of establishing a renowned education institute in 1918 in the northern part of West Bengal, but he expired at an early age putting entire family in a disaster. My father had taken up the operator’s job in an MNC and I brought up in that environment. 

I was ordinary in all respect but was carrying fire in the belly to come out of the ‘comfort zone’ and taking challenges in life. That gifted me an upward move in my carrier from a Trainee to a CEO. Slowly but consistently, I acquired the educational qualifications that justify my organizational positions. Though from ordinary institutes, but done with sincere hard work and perseverance.

Most of the stories we heard about famous persons who were poor in the beginning but achieved the top slot in life. In my opinion, they are extraordinary and can be counted on fingertips. Many ordinaries at the bottom of the pyramid are also striving to achieve a reasonably successful life with their comparatively less sharp talent and ordinary means (probably with a little touch of luck). My writings are for them.

My appetite for learning is still undiminished. With that aptitude, now I have decided to share my life learnings, as there is a proverb that knowledge sharing brings in more knowledge. 

All the best,


October 7, 2020, Vadodara, India.